Baby Play Mat Reviews 2020

With a huge variety of choices and manufacturers, baby play mats also known as activity mats and baby activity gyms, offer baby a really fun time at an early age often before he or she is able to sit or stand.

It’s important that your baby play mat is safe so when he or she lies on the play mat it is thick enough to support them, while also make sure nothing can be loosened off the mat or swallowed.

Having a comfortable protected play mat is especially important not only for safety but for baby’s comfort. Almost all babies love colourful mats that have overhead babies toys or arches in the mat to touch and feel which develop baby’s kinaesthetic senses.

Baby play mats without an overhead baby toy and arches can become boring for your baby and also misses out on the development of baby’s hand eye coordination and the fun baby has in playing with the baby toy.

When looking for a play mat, also check for sounds and music. Babies absolutely love songs and sounds and it really helps in making their play time a fun time. With the proper search you will find the right play mat for your baby and your baby will absolutely love them.

There is a variety of play mats available in a range of prices and sizes.

Tiny Love super mat

The tiny love play mat is an extremely large and portable baby play mat. The design has an array of colours to it and offers an extra large, extra cushioned activity play area. The play area features a variety of textured materials, removable mirror and many activities for any baby to really play with and enjoy.

While the activity mat is a play mat with 12 divided squares each showing different colourful scenes with animals. It also offers the opportunity to teach your child the names of the specific animals and colours.

The developmental features include a removal peek-a-boo mirror, multiple different textures, soothing teether and a horn. While the tiny love play mat is an extra large blanket it is also extremely portable and can be easily folded

Galt Farm Playnest

The Galt Farm Playnest is a baby play mat that is totally unique. This play mat is a fabric covered inflatable ring which provides vital support for baby during play time and also rest time. The playnest has a unique combination; being a soft play mat the soft resting areas and a self-contained play environment make it a great childrens playmat.

The Galt farm Playnest gives babies the freedom of sitting and playing on their own in total security and comfort. It offers multi-sensory features round the nest to help in babies’ development and to stimulate touch, sounds and visions.

It is multi-functional in the sense that there are textures, sounds and visual patterns for baby to explore. The Galt farm play mat is a fantastic activity mat and one of the most popular baby play mats.

Edushape Play ‘n’ Sound Mat

The edushape play and sound mat is revolutionary in terms of creating a stimulating, soft, fun and safe play area for your baby. A slightly smaller playmat than many other large play mats on the market.

Because it consists of 9 squares, 12 edges and 4 corner pieces it must be put together but this only takes a few minutes. The different textures and removable image on each tile make this play mat different from the pack in terms of how it lets your toddler develop his sensory skills in a thoroughly fun way.

The edushape play and sound mat is improved in terms of the vibrant colours on each piece coupled with the musical tile and a safe peek-a-boo mirror. A lot of parents use this play mat as a giant puzzle as the child grows, providing increased development and fun. It has many features for a childrens playmat.

Baby Einstein Around the world Play gym

The Baby Einstein playmat is not just a play mat it is an activity gym as well. It is that good we felt it had as much right to be here as any of the other play mats. The baby Einstein was awarded the toy of the year 2009 by American Baby because, put simply it makes play mat time a safe comfortable, developmental fun time for baby.

This very large play mat is extremely accommodating for your baby and because of the design helps baby lift their head during tummy time. Its ingenious design is made so that each section of the activity mat features different regions of the world accompanied with real life pictures and cartoons of animals from those areas of the world.

The Baby Einstein playmat also has many additional babies toys such as; Baby safe mirror, teether, rattle. This play mat also develops your baby’s auditory senses with sounds heard from the corresponding parts of the world.

There are numerous features to the Baby Einstein playmat, far more than mentioned here plus it folds easy for travel and storage.

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