Best Nitecore Brightest LED Flashlight Reviews

Want the brightest LED flashlight on the market? Here’s the LED Lenser X21! Are you ready for the brightest led flashlight? Here comes the LED Lenser X21!

Are you ready for the brightest led flashlight. LED Lenser X21Having the brightest flashlight can be very important. Especially if you are on the road a lot or you just like to go camping every now and then!

A very bright flashlight will not only help you see better at night time, since it will illuminate the darkness and the are more effectively. But it will also help you be seen more easily which could end up saving your life!

Just imagine having a car accident or breakdown in the middle of nowhere or getting lost in a forest you’re not familiar with! How are you going to signal for help?

The most efficient way is to make yourself as visible and easy to spot as possible. There’s no better way to do that than with the light beam of a powerful flashlight!

Brightest LED Flashlight

Best Nitecore Brightest LED Flashlight Reviews
Best Nitecore Brightest LED Flashlight Reviews

When it comes to brightness, the new LED flashlights are in a league of their own! Their performance and illuminating capabilities are simply unmatched by those of conventional models! They are so bright and powerful in fact, that police forces and security agencies all over the world issue them to their employees in order to use them as self defense weapons!

Simply pointing the light beam at an assailants eyes or face is enough to blind and disorientate him for some time. Thus allowing the user more time to react or even to run away if outmatched! See? I wasn’t kidding when I said that a powerful flashlight can save your life!

LED flashlights are currently very popular and they gain more popularity with every passing day! The demand for them is so high in fact, that you can now find hundreds of models on the market to choose from! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for wealth of options, but that same wealth can make looking for a LED flashlight that’s perfect for you and your needs, seem confusing and frustrating!

Well, we are here to help! In this LED flashlight review we’ll take an in depth look at one of the most popular and best selling models, the Coast LED Lenser HP8437 Focusing LED Flashlight X21! Let’s see what makes this product so popular!

Are you ready for the brightest led flashlight? Here comes the LED Lenser X21!

LED Lenser X21 Description

Are you ready for the brightest led flashlight?  LED Lenser X21 is an extremely powerful flashlight that can easily output more than 1000 Lumens of light. Making it one of the brightest and more powerful ever made!

Thanks to the patented and unique speed focus technology used by the Lenser HP8437 X21, you will be able to very quickly and effortlessly switch between focused and flood light output mode, simply by moving the top of the bezel back and forth!

The X21 LED Lenser flashlight also features a very durable body that’s made entirely out of aluminum, as well as a special switch that switches the flashlight instantly to its brightest output mode! In short, this is not only the brightest LED flashlight on the market, but also one of the most fully featured!

Features of LED Lenser X21

  • Extremely bright and powerful: The LED Lenser HP8437 can easily produce up to 1400 lumens worth of light in its highest output setting, making it easily one of the brightest flashlight models ever made!
  • Great battery life: Depending on use, the batteries of the LED Lenser X21 can last you for up to 244 hours!
  • Amazing throw range: The light beam produced by the X21 LED Lenser, can be projected up to 1532 feet away from its source!
  • Great build quality: The body of the LED Lenser HP8437 X21 LED Flashlight is made entirely out of very durable aluminum! That only makes it very light despite its high power and performance, but also nigh indestructible and great for outdoor use!
  • Revolutionary switch system: The X21 LED Lenser Flashlight comes equipped with a truly unique and easy to use switch system! All you’ll have to do to cycle through its output modes, is press and hold a switch! Press it fully and click once to switch to low output mode, press fully. Switch to high output mode and finally press fully and simply keep the button pressed to switch to Maximum brightness and fill the area with more than 1000 lumens of light!
  • Batteries included! Unlike most LED flashlights, the X21 HP8437 LED Lenser comes with 4D batteries as well as a specially designed, molded carrying case, included in the package!

LED Lenser X21 Pros and Cons


  1. Really easy to use switch system!
  2. It’s more powerful and brighter than a 1000 lumen flashlight!
  3. Nearly indestructible but very lightweight, thanks to its aluminum build!
  4. Features tree light intensity modes!
  5. The batteries can last you for more than 200 hours, depending on the use, of course!
  6. Great throw range!
  7. Comes with batteries and a carrying case included!
  8. Great price on!


  1. It’s not a rechargeable flashlight.
  2. It doesn’t have a strobe or flashing function

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