Chainsaw Maintentance

Keeping your chainsaw in top working condition requires a little maintenance on your part however, you’ll be surprised at just how effective your machine will be with a little love and attention.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a light, medium or heavy-duty chainsaw user, the same principles of care still apply. For pruning, trimming and cutting firewood to cutting heavy logs, maintaining your chainsaw in tip top order will not only prolong the life of your machine but will cut down on the chances of accidents occurring which is most important. In fact, in case you didn’t know, chainsaws are regarded as the most dangerous power tool on the planet so an unmaintained machine has the ability to become lethal in poor conditions.

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Simple Chainsaw Maintenance 101

These simple maintenance checks will give you an excellent opportunity to keep your chainsaw in a “happy frame of mind.” Whether you use a gas or electric machine, performing these checks are vital.

1. For starters, check your chain. You’ll be looking for wear and sharpness because a chain in bad condition can be a potential safety hazard.

2. Many users overlook the chainsaw’s saw teeth. Unmaintained, saw teeth won’t perform the job they are required to in the most efficient manner. This could lead to dangerous situations as the harder your machine has to work, the harder you do as well which means one of the biggest factors in chainsaw accidents, fatigue can set in. So make sure you clear your saw teeth of any saw dust and wood on a regular basis.

3. Proper adjustment in the chain is one thing but also check to see if the bar is tight as well.

4. Your chainsaw’s spark plugs are a vital component… that goes without saying so it’s a good idea to check them on a regular basis.

5. Pull chords should be in excellent order. This can be overlooked quite easily but maintaining them in good condition such as not allowing them to become tattered is just simply good sense.

6. A quick check of other areas such as testing to see if the oiler is working as it should be should also be performed.

These are reasonably simple maintenance checks which can be performed by just about anyone with chainsaw user experience. If you run into major problems, then more expert guidance should be sought. Chainsaw accidents injure thousands of people every year and apart from unforeseen circumstances, you can cut down the chances of suffering an injury just by keeping your chainsaw in excellent working condition.

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