Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw Review

Echo chainsaw reviews

Echo Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality Chainsaws and other powered handheld tools since 1972. It was founded in Northbrook as Kioritz Corporation of America, and later its name was changed to t Echo Inc. in 1978. Today, the Echo brand name has become the industry standard for high-quality power tools.

CS-400 chainsaw reviews – Description

There are many chainsaw reviews about the Echo product. Chainsaw reviews may vary from user to user and their intended usage. But to be fair in our chainsaw reviews, everything must be said – even the worst cons.

The CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw is the mid-range model in the chainsaw product line up by Echo. It features an 18 inch long saw blade that can saw its way to any timbers in minutes for maximum productivity. Behind the 18 inch blade is a modest 40.2cc gas engine. Starting the engine was easy due to its advance starting and digital ignition system called the” i-30™” system.

The carburetor engine has a purge pump incorporated with it, and it has an efficient “Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm” design. The well competent engine and start-up design reduce about 30% of starting the effort. The engine filters do a great job in preventing any dust or any impurity that wants to get in the motor. The CS-400 has a pre-cleaner that ejects any dust or debris before getting in to the air filter, Echo dubbed it the “G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner”

The air filters is located at the top rear of the unit, making it easy to access and do a quick change on site. The air filter is also a tool-free removable cover, which means that you don’t need to bring a specific tool to access the filter. The oil system is automatic which you can leave it as is, but it can be adjusted if need be. Fuel capacity is at 13.9 fl oz, which will last for a while depending on how often you use the saw.

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A lot of people rave about the chainsaw giving good value for the money and lightweight. A lot of people also feel good about the smooth operation brought by minimal vibration. Some user chainsaw reviews claimed that the CS-400 took a lot of abuse and still operate flawlessly. The CS-400 is well building and has a 5-year warranty for consumers, 1-year warranty for commercial and 90 days rental warranty.


This needs a lot of maintenance. In some user chainsaw reviews, users said that the engines suddenly stopped. In other chainsaw reviews, it was mentioned that Echo Inc. won’t honor their warranty after it’s broken down. This has enraged some of the user chainsaw reviews that their warranty is only a front. However, this can be taken care of by reading the warranty policy’s details.

Final Words

Based on user chainsaw reviews, this product is a good buy. But this unit must be well-taken care off to operate its best, which can take up some of your time. Note that reading additional user chainsaw reviews material may help you decide on the right model.

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