Garage floor containment mats

Garage floor containment mats could also be called garage floor snow mats. They can also be called garage floor water containment mats because that is exactly what they do, contain water.

Anyone who lives in the northern part of our great nation knows what it’s like to walk into your garage and see a clump of ice or slush mixed with dirt, rocks, water puddles and gravel. On top of that if you walk into your garage early in the morning it becomes a minefield trying to avoid all the water puddles or ice patches and even the frozen mud which is caused by the snow melting in water and then freezing temperatures.

There is no doubt in my mind, a lot of customers seeking garage floor containment mats want to make sure the water and grime that drips from their vehicle stays in one spot. And to the resuce are these garage parking mats.

Garage floor tiles could be a second option but they are more permanent and more expensive. One other thing worth mentioning is that tiles usually do not have a channel built-in therefore you will still see puddles and all the other problems a bare floor encounters.

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Options Available for Garage Floor Containment Mats

Your greatest option is size. In size we are talking about width, length and thickness. The other critical component of good garage floor mats is the ability to contain the dirt, mud, water, etc. inside the mat and not on the cement.

That is where edges come into play. As you will see, some manufacturers of floor mats offer snap-on edges. These are critical to contain water inside the edges and no running out into the floor. Also edges give your garage mats a clean and crisp look. Containment mats can also absorb oils, acids and water.

The majority of garage floor containment mats will come in a standard 7.5′ & 9’width. If you are not concerned with containment then look at the Abzorb Mat because it comes in just about any length you want. The drawback is you are limited in width and no edges. They offer two sizes 3′ & 6′. It is best to figure out how long you want your mat by running a tape inside the garage or under your vehicle.

Add a foot on both ends to make sure. Don’t worry about lengths of a roll-out garage containment mat you will find them from 14′ all the way up to 30′. Look for the link below (Amazon) it will give you a good idea.

When it comes to thickness you will have options like the standard mat 20 mil or a heavy duty mat 50 mil. Others will use actual measurements like .025 or .075. What is the difference? Well first off heavy-duty garage floor coverings will have a better warranty (up to 5 years) and the basic garage mats offer a one year warranty. Secondly, they will obviously last longer, absorb more sound and they will not shift on the floor. The majority of parking mats do not shift but if you are a heavy breaker then you could see some shifting or slipping on the floor.

My best advice is to spend some time at Amazon and read customer reviews. They are very honest reviews and best of all if they don’t like a product you will read about it.  Right now you can get these things a lot cheaper than we did, so go check them out and see what you can find:

Amazon Best Prices

If by chance you are searching for a 4′ oil drip mat you might want to consider those Azorb Mats or you can find some online for around $12 to $35. Because oil is so thick you don’t need to worry about it running off the mat, it will absorb quite well.

Who Makes Garage Floor Containment Mats

There is not doubt the one you will see the most often is the Park Smart Clean Park snow containment mat. If you followed the Amazon link above you will see that the top 7 are all the Park Smart mats. The Park Smart Clean Park mat, all come with edging to contain snow, mud, sludge, slush and water. You will find these garage floor coverings in places like Home Depot and Lowes as well. If you purchase these garage floor protectors make sure and get free shipping. Obviously Amazon has super saver shipping so don’t settle for anything less. Prices usually are around $160 to $199 for the standard 20 mil mat and $300 for the heavy-duty 50 mil mat.

BLT (Better Life Technologies) would run a close second in popularity. In our opinion these mats are built better, last longer and offer more color selections. They can be cut to fit around corners or walls, offer channeling, easy to walk on, no adhesives, thermal insulation and dampens noise. Just to be fair so does the Park Smart. A standard 7.5′ x 17′ mat will cost about $210.

G-floor and DryMate are two other top brand Garage Floor Containment Mats. Both offer the exact same sizes and both have the same benefits as above. Their prices will also be competitive with the other two. You can also find different sizes for a motorcycle garage mat. A lot of Harley drivers love to park their bikes on a motorcycle parking mat.

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