Giantex portable washing machine review and buying guide

The Giantex portable washing machine review

Giantex 15.4lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine Gravity Drain Compact Twin Tub Washer Spinner, Ideal for Dorms, Apartments, RVs, Camping

Giantex portable washing machine review
Giantex portable washing machine review

Top features of giantex portable washing machine

This Giantex portable mini washing machine is designed with two separate tubs, washing tub and spin tub. It provides you two different washing function. You could only use one tub, or you could use both tubs in one washing time.

Portable Design

Our mini compact twin tub washing machine ideal for doing laundry in compact and limited space environments such as dorms, condos, homes, RV camping and more. Our compact washing machine can be used anywhere because it doesn’t need a water connection and electricity.

Separate Time Control

There are three control switches on the panel part, wash timer, wash selector and spin timer. You can adjust the different washing mode through the wash selector and control the washing and spin time through the rest switches.

Energy Efficiency

This mini washing machine has a washing capacity rating of 8.8 lbs rated washing capacity and 6.6 lbs rated spin capacity. This capacity is very economical and practical for any washing needs.

Giantex portable washing machine review
Giantex portable washing machine review

Multi-Function Use

  • Our mini compact washing machine is perfect for underwear, socks, a T-Shirt, and Towels. It will make your life more convenient.

No Installation Needed

  • Our compact washing machine has straight forward illustrations and descriptions guide with no installation needed and easy operation control panel.

Other Details

  • Water Inlet: The water inlet insert and pull are very simple.
  • Power Wire: The design of intimate reel, so you can wrap it and no longer worry about messy wires.
  • Pulsator: Tube adopts new plastic materials to ensure the quality and safety of the whole machine.

First and foremost, I’d like to put out there that there is a bit of a learning curve to this thing. I mean I’m sure you’re lookin’ at this like, “yea ok chick… it’s got like 4 parts to it.” Yes, agreed there is not much to figure out in terms of just using it. But HOW to position it, how to make the hose work for your sink/shower, where to place it…. etc.. these are the growing pains of this product.

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It’s bigger than it may present on Amazon. But it isn’t so big that you’re wondering where you’re going to keep it. I live in a thimble and this fits well in my bathroom. It holds a whole load of children’s clothes, a hefty amount of undies and socks, shirts – (5-6 women/ 3-4 men), 2-3 pairs of jeans, or a medium sized fleece blanket.

(which I know from personal experience because my cat had a hairball on my blanket.) The amount it washes is great for in-between laundry hauls. (Actually minimizes the need for such hauls). It washes everything well and things come out actually clean. (Yay, hairball be gone). The spinner while a bit small (more on that later) is a mighty little thing.

I typically will drain the machine, take pieces out and wring them well before placing in the spinner. After spinning they come out damp (close to dry) and then I hang them for a few hours. If I do a few loads in the late morning/ early afternoon, they’re dry by the evening.

For all yall with small apartments tryna figure out how to manage all of this here is my advice: Purchase this along with an over the door drying rack so that when you’re finished washing and spinning, you hang your stuff and it’s out of the way.

Then when the clothes are dry, take them down and fold up the rack. Rack remains out of the way and clothes are dry. Additionally, for positives, I liked how there are different settings in case you wanna get creative.

The washing times range from 3 mins to 15. I rarely need 15. Even hairball blanket only took 6. For the spinner, it only goes up to 5 mins but 3 is usually fine. If u need more crank that thing up again. Plus it’s fun to watch all the water come out of the clothes when spinning, But that’s just a personal preference.


Welp, my main gripe is that the cord is exceptionally short. SHORT! You gotta put this thing directly under a dang outlet. So, it was definitely a challenge tryna work out positioning. Think of it this way, washer needs to be accessible to an outlet, faucet (water source) and place to drain.

Hoses are SHORT cord is SHORT. Speaking of hose, the water in hose doesn’t seem to fit most sinks/ showers. For a while, I was using a large pail to pour water in until i realized I could just hold the hose in place at my bathroom sink. But the draining, OH the draining.

I still need that pail because the cord is too short to put the machine in the tub and drain it that way and have it still reach the outlet. Mind you the outlet isn’t that far away. I make do. Noise level- well it kinda depends and it kinda doesn’t.

Picky moody neighbors might complain about the low vibrational sound they hear. The spinner is the most vibrational. I try to do my stuff in the late morning/afternoon so that people don’t act foolishly. Last negative – the spinner (which I love overall by the way) is super small so things need to be dried in shifts. Don’t be cute (like I thought I was) and overload it. It makes a horrific banging noise and shouts expletives. Not charming.

All-in-all: It washes things when you can’t stand the thought of trekking to the laundromat, dealing with people, finding gum and/or chewed up sunflower seeds in machines, etc… You can wash essentials while cooking dinner or other things around the house. It’s kinda cute and fun. But it has its structural shortcomings which are trade-offs cuz you can’t have it all. Cheers!

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