How to Increase Sex Time Without Medicine

All about “How to increase sex time without medicine”

Having an intimate relationship with your beloved wife is indeed really something if done regularly and with quality. Especially in the household, the typical ritual that is only valid for the couples is one of the important pillars that must be maintained. Because in addition to aiming to obtain offspring, intercourse is also beneficial to channel the biological needs of both men and women. But the fact is that an average man can only hold penetration for less than 2 minutes. This was revealed by a sexologist.

How to Increase Sex Time Without Medicine
How to Increase Sex Time Without Medicine

Long-lasting way of having sex with your wife

That is why it starts from the inability of a husband to penetrate long enough to satisfy his wife, can be the beginning of disharmony in the ark of marriage. Well, if you want to know some important things so you can last a long time making love, then please look at all the tips and recommendations on this page. OK ??

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Long-lasting way of relating

Indeed, as a good wife, of course, understand this because of the great love for you. But you don’t need to ask them how much they want to feel satisfied, because almost all women will never say that.

Now here are some vital tips that you need to try from now on:

How to Increase Sex Time Without Medicine
How to Increase Sex Time Without Medicine

Warming (foreplay)
This stage you should do every time you have sex with your beloved wife because foreplay is an important step to arouse your partner’s passion. In addition, by warming up, the physiology of a woman’s body will respond and the hormones involved in intimate relationships will work to prepare the condition for miss V to penetrate.

How to last ml when mating

It is characterized by lubrication (lubrication) in the vagina so that when the penetration stage does not feel the pain that affects the partner’s discomfort. Thus, it is expected that a wife will get her orgasm faster while making love so you don’t have to be burdened with a longer duration to satisfy your wife.

Just relax
Often too serious in doing something will make the nerves become tense, including when you are having intercourse which triggers premature ejaculation. For long-lasting sex, you should relax, starting from foreplay, enjoy all the sensitive points of your partner to do the right penetration rhythm.

Long-lasting ways to deal without drugs

Do not be too “speeding” when doing penetration, instead of doing a rhythm that can make a pair of chaos cannot resist the sensation of pleasure when you are working on it. Make good communication with your wife, and don’t forget to give naughty praise or gaze so that her lust rumbles to the top. Prove it!

Change the style of making love
Do you know? Changing your lovemaking style can be one of the natural and easy long-lasting ways to have sex. The point is to let your favorite wife become a star in the game, by giving him the opportunity to dominate during penetration. The ideal sex position to help you last longer during lovemaking is the position of the woman above (Woman on Top).

The long-lasting method relates naturally

Conversely, avoid Missionary positions or even Doggie Style, because both are very good positions for men so it is feared to make ejaculation too fast.

Use a condom
Although reducing the sensation but using a condom proved to be one way to make long-lasting intimate relationships with his wife. Choose the one that suits your sex character, especially the thick-thin problem because instead of being able to make the duration even longer it still makes your premature ejaculation.

Long-lasting ways to deal with a partner

Or conversely, the wrong choice of a condom that is too thick can make it lose its erotic sensation during penetration. Of course, it will last longer, but do you want to? If I don’t, hehe …

Durable Way to Intimate Relationships without Medication
If you want to be strong making love without drugs, this is what I tell you the key is to have nerve conditions, sex hormones, and healthy blood flow in the body, including vital organs. Because of that in running a business to be a tough man on the bed you should do things that support the realization of the above conditions.

Lower weight

If you don’t know if you have excess weight or obesity, besides disrupting your health, it can also damage your ability to have sex in bed. Because someone who is obese has the potential to have high blood sugar levels and blood pressure so that it can be a factor causing virility disorders, including premature ejaculation and even impotence.

A long-lasting way to make love with food

Therefore, before everything is too late, start by making a healthy lifestyle so that your body weight can be ideal and your sexual ability is still excellent. Eating foods that contain amino acids and zinc can help increase your testosterone which plays an active role in male sexuality. Get used to a balanced meal together with consumption of foods such as cereals, oysters and meat that is rich in zinc and amino acids.

Exercise regularly

By doing regular exercise you will have a good body metabolism such as smooth blood flow, maintained testosterone hormone and good nerve cell health. In addition to conventional exercise, you should try a sport that supports long-lasting intercourse such as Kegel exercises.

How to deal with premature ejaculation with exercise

Kegel exercises are exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles where being trained regularly and regularly will make your ability to resist the urge to ejaculate increasingly fierce. Even from a study found a man who practiced kegel for 12 weeks can feel the incredible resistance of sex while making love up to five times. WOW!

Avoid stress and excessive fatigue

Having a stress level, fatigue and even a high depression will make your body’s nerves tense, so that it adversely affects masculinity on the bed.

Long-lasting ways to make love without drugs

If you are tired, you should rest first until your body returns to shape and do good stress management so that you do not experience depression. Do good communication with your beloved partner about problems that affect warmth in this bed, surely a good wife will actually help to overcome them. Thus the intimate warmth in the affairs of the bed is keeping well, forever!

Here are some tips from another sexologist

5 Strong Secrets of Long Lasting Without Medicine when in Beds

I don’t have to take medicine so that it will last long. 5 Strong Secrets of Long Lasting Without Medicine during Beds. Men are aware that most women like the long duration of sex. But not all men have the right solution. Not a few men who decide to consume drugs to be strong in bed.

For the sake of the relationship of a happy household, the matter of a bed like this can actually be discussed by a husband and wife. To make it more fun, the following has compiled some of the secrets of strong long-lasting without drugs that are easily done by the husband.

Long Lasting Strong Tips Without Medication

Strong long lasting without drugs does not mean you have to endure lovemaking for hours. According to one study, the average normal man can only survive in intercourse for approximately five to seven minutes. It is said that premature ejaculation if it comes out less than 1 minute after penetration.

Here it is, a way to be strong long lasting without drugs that you can do:

1. Have the ideal body weight

Research shows that being overweight or obese can interfere with sexual ability. This is related to diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and insecurity which can then trigger erectile disorders. Other study results also say that obese men who change their diet by eating foods low in calories and fat, experience improvements in erectile disorders and increased sperm quality. Meanwhile, a body that is too thin can also make a man infertile.

Many men underestimate the importance of maintaining ideal body weight. In fact, each person’s body weight actually represents the health condition of the body. Whereas in order to have children, both prospective moms and prospective papa must both have excellent health and ideal body weight.

A study in Scotland reported that men who are too thin will be more difficult to have children than those who have the ideal body weight. The study included more than two thousand men who underwent a pregnant program at the fertility facility Aberdeen Facility Center, Scotland.

According to the study, men with body weight under the body mass index (BMI) or ideal human body mass index had lower sperm counts and qualities than men whose weight was in accordance with BMI. In fact, to increase the chances of a partner’s pregnancy, men must have healthy and quality sperm cells.

The quality of sperm itself can be assessed by the speed of movement of sperm. The speed of sperm to the egg and sufficient sperm count will also help the wife get pregnant quickly. Ideal body size can basically increase self-confidence, which is why maintaining weight is highly recommended so that it can be strong long lasting without drugs.

2. Consumption of foods containing zinc and amino acids

Many natural stamina enhancing drugs for men containing zinc. Because lack of zinc will reduce testosterone levels so that it can interfere with male sexual ability.

But if you want strong long-lasting without drugs, prospective Papa can also consume several types of foods that are rich in zinc, such as:

Meat, oyster, nuts, whole grains, cereals.

In addition, the sexual ability can also be helped by consuming amino acids, such as arginine and carnitine, which are found in chicken meat, dairy products, nuts, and seeds. This substance will help blood vessels to the penis relax and increase blood flow and increase the number and quality of sperm. Carnitine can also improve the quality of erections if taken with strong male drugs, such as sildenafil, but the use of these drugs needs to be consulted with a doctor first.

3. Perform Kegel exercises to delay ejaculation

Kegel exercises are not only for women. But it is also considered a good exercise for the Papa to be able to control the muscles around the genitals and support sexual stamina better. Kegel exercises as one of the sex tips for men can be used to delay ejaculation. It’s easy! If you want to do this exercise, hold the muscles around the genitals as you hold the urination, for about 10 seconds, then release. Repeat this exercise several times. This exercise can be done anytime and anywhere.

4. Know the stressors and avoid the causes

Stress can have a broad impact on one’s health, including triggering problems with libido. People who experience stress, the body will release stress hormones that can have an impact on reducing sexual satisfaction and performance.

Some people become less sensitive to sexual stimulation and not even interested in having sex at all. To avoid stress, exercise regularly, do meditation, get enough rest, and avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

5. Get used to exercising regularly

Research shows that men who exercise regularly have better sexual satisfaction than those who don’t.

Sports such as cardio, brisk walking, running, swimming or other aerobic exercises can help improve circulation and blood flow so that it can eventually help a stronger and longer erection. Exercise is enough to do about 30 minutes three times per week, known to increase sexual ability. Not only stop there, but long-lasting lovemaking tips on this one can also help maintain weight in order to remain ideal.

That’s 5 ways to be strong without long without drugs and safe. Not treated, but it’s better to maintain health in order to please couples.


Stress can have a broad impact on a person’s health, including libido. When stress strikes, the body will release stress hormones that can have an impact on reducing sexual satisfaction and performance. To avoid stress, exercise regularly, do meditation, get enough rest, and avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

Do long-lasting lovemaking tips for men naturally above to improve sexual performance. If some of the tips above have been done but you still feel that you cannot last long in sex, you should consult a doctor or sexologist about your problem.

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