How to Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos

Video products are easier to make than most internet marketers would believe.

Hundreds of people stop themselves from making video products because they believe that they aren’t technically gifted enough. What they are really doing is leaving money on the table because you can charge a lot more for video products than you can for text products.

It doesn’t take much to change a text product into a video product if you know the right steps. Read on for tips to making more profit with your products by using video.

Plan your video format based on your strengths. If you feel more comfortable with speaking in front a camera, by all means do it.

But you don’t have to sit in front of the camera to make a successful video. Some of the best videos are screenshot video that displays exactly what is going on with your screen.

If you are a better at narrating rather than speaking in front of the camera, you can use the a screenshot program rather than a regular video camera.

Write down the structure before you start shooting.

Even if you know the topic well, you need to write down a structure for your video before you begin shooting.

Keep in mind that a page of written text is about two minutes of spoken text. Before you start shooting your script, time your script so you know how long you’ll need to shoot it.

Keep your at ten to fifteen minutes tops.

People don’t like to sit around and watch their computer screens forever. You need to keep your videos on the short side.

When you time your videos you need to make sure that they fit within this time frame in order to keep your viewers interested.

Make a video series if you want to increase the power of your product

If you have content that is going to last longer than ten to fifteen minutes you should make a video series to sell to your target market.

If your content is going to be really in depth, you can even split it into two sets of videos and offer the second as an upsell.

Speak to one person at a time.

Even though your video will be seen by many people they will only view it one at a time, so when you’re speaking make sure that you speak directly to one person. Using “you” and “yours” will help you connect with the audience more.

Don’t worry about being perfect.

As you’re shooting the video, don’t worry about being perfect when you narrate the video.

Your customers want to know that a normal person just like themselves is making the video. If you’re too formal you won’t be approachable.

Provide a transcribed script.

If you want to give your audience additional value, you can send your video to a service like and have one of the workers there turn your video into a text document.

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