Makita Chop Saw

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Makita Chop Saw

The Makita chop saw, also referred to as a “miter saw”, is made for precision cutting and commercial wood working. It is fair to say that the Makita chop saw is one of the most popular brands of wood working saws out there.

This comes as no surprise, considering the quality of ANY of the Makita brand tools. However, there are certainly some other great brands out there when it comes to chop saws (Dewalt and Milwaukee come to mind).

However, since this site is about Makita chop saws and power tools, we are going to stick with the Makita products.

The newest line of chops saws from Makita feature a newer, more innovative design than the previous (older) Makita chop saws.

The newer Makita chop saws feature a patented safety guard system, which is fully retractable, and allows for extremely high capacity cutting. Also, their 6 ball bearing system offer incredibly precise (and smooth) cuts, which require no prior adjustments.

Another great thing about the newer Makita chop saw models is that they are very compact, and their weight is also very manageable as well (and they are portable and easy to carry around for the most part).

But don’t let this fool you; their durability it top notch, as with all of other Makita tools out there. Also, Makita chop saws feature a very stable 4 rail sliding system, which greatly reduces “deflection” when making cuts. Combined with their Makita DXT (Deep & Exact) technology, this makes for a perfect cut virtually every time.

Most of the Makita chop saw blade guards are see through.

This allows you to easily watch what is going on when making those precise cuts. They also feature a rubber handle with a new and improved fit, along with a larger trigger system for added comfort. The trigger is very easy to pull, which means less hand and finger fatigue!

So what is the most popular Makita miter saw on the market right now? Currently the Makita LS1016L compound Miter saw is the best seller, at least according to The price on this particular saw is around right around $500, which is pretty reasonable for what you get.

The Makita LS1016L is a compound, 10” dual slide miter saw (with laser guide). Some of the highlights of this saw are: a precision steel sliding system (4 rail), 6 high end linear ball bearings, an extremely powerful drive motor (15 AMP), and a 4 & ¾” fence system (dual sliding).

The LS1016L also boasts a very generous cutting capacity, and offers truly exceptional miter and bevel cuts, which are done with ease.

So if you are looking for a good Makita chop saw, you certainly can’t go wrong with the LS1016L. However, there are plenty of other good Makita miter saw models out there, so don’t be afraid to do a little research before making a purchase (especially if you are on a budget).

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