Porter-Cable C1010 Compressor Review

The Porter-Cable C1010 was originally designed for specialized interior home renovation and finishing professional contractors with specific specialty skills.

From interior finish carpenters, interior renovators and cabinet finishers, the Porter-Cable C1010 is the perfect air compressor matching all requirements.

Beyond typical uses, plumbers find the Porter-Cable C1010 a valued asset in testing newly installed plumbing artifacts and joints for seepage.

With a suitcase, pancake styling and lightweight design, the Porter-Cable C1010 is the preferred choice of all associated contracting specialized trades. Built for the specialized contractor in mind, the Porter-Cable C1010 air compressor is performance taken to the next level.

Porter-Cable C1010 Practical Features

Granted, the Porter-Cable C1010 may lack some features found on other similar air compressor models, features that often inflate the price of competitor’s units without increasing performance or operation, however, what this air compressor unit lacks in features makes up for in total overall performance and reliability.

With practical features and simplistic styling, the Porter-Cable C1010 basic features include:

  • Lightweight weighing only 24lbs.
  • Durable, long-life “maintenance-free”, “lube-free” pump.
  • Convenient cord wrap permanently mounted to the steel frame.
  • Ball drain valve allows for quick and thorough drainage of the air tank.
  • 1-gallon air tank capacity
  • 135 (cut-out) maximum psi
  • 105 (cut-in) restart psi.
  • Twin, easy-to-read gauges.
  • 2.6 maximum start-up amp draw in all weather conditions or with extension cord use (no voltage drop noted).
  • Quick 20-seconds (20sec) recovery.

By offering reduced features with operator safety a high priority, the Porter-Cable C1010 is priced far below competing manufacturers’ similar models. Read full reviews and buying a guide of 
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Lay-Flat Styling

The lay-flat styling of the Porter-Cable C1010, also known as “pancake or suitcase”, allows for one-hand coupling and disconnection of airlines, keeping one hand free for safety. The ergonomically designed and installed roll cage of the Porter-Cable C1010 also serves as a one-piece carrying handle for additional support and balance when in operation.

Enclosing the oil-free pump, motor and storage tank within the one-piece rugged solid metal frame, the Porter-Cable C1010 gives the visual appearance of a small unit however is capable of producing maximum peak performance of 135 psi. With lay-flat styling, the Porter-Cable C1010 stores easily, requiring less space where available space is limited.

Here is what one owner had to say about the Porter-Cable C1010 Heavy Duty Air Compressor:

“This is a good, small compressor. Relatively quiet.  The pressure is quite high for such a diminutive compressor.  This works well for low volume or medium pressure applications like brad nailing or filling a tire, etc.  It is small, lightweight, and very portable and comes at a price that can’t be beat.” (Wilson)

Quiet Operation

Porter-Cable C1010 Compressor

Operating at noise decibels of approximately 71dB, the Porter-Cable C1010 is one of the quietest air compressors on the market.

Working in restricted places when air compressor noise penetrates walls, interrupting conservations with disruptive negative consequences, the Porter-Cable C1010 runs smoothly and quietly.

With built in rubberized feet mounted to the one-piece steel frame, vibrations are kept to a minimum protecting delicate surfaces from possible damage.

A metal especially designed control panel covers the air manifold with proper distribution of airflow through and around the motor/pump of the Porter-Cable C1010 further reducing and dissipating any additional residual noise.

Pros and Cons of the Porter-Cable C1010

With versatile style and design, the Porter-Cable C1010 continues to be a top-rated air compressor with numerous uses. Positive comments from present owners of the Porter-Cable C1010 include:


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Spring-loaded emergency shut-off
  • Centrally located levered ball tank drain valve
  • Easily adjustable, the controllable regulator
  • Compact size
  • Ideal air compressor for brad and staple pneumatic tools
  • Easily inflates 30” tires to maximum air pressure from a flat position


  • Regulator leaks. (Replaced by authorized Porter-Cable service centers)

With thousands of Porter-Cable C1010 units sold, this amazingly small but powerful air compressor continues to perform flawlessly with only minor operator problems reported.

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