Should I Give My Child Growth Hormones

Should I give my child growth hormones (Read the article first then think)

Someone who has an ideal height is considered more attractive and has high self-confidence. 

Should I Give My Child Growth Hormones
Should I Give My Child Growth Hormones

In addition, this condition also allows him to gain several professions that do require ideal height such as models, soldiers, and other professions. For that, every Mama tries to make her child’s height optimal.

Homework for parents is to maximize the child’s height potential. Parents must provide the best for children. This starts from the baby’s child, then enters the child’s phase, then enters the puberty phase.

What are they? The following are natural ways to increase the child’s height from doctors who practice in AP & AP Pediatric, Growth, and Diabetes Center:


For babies, give breast milk because breast milk is the best food for babies. In the 0-6 month period, give exclusive breastfeeding or only breastmilk, any additional food and drinks.

Then after 6 months, children can get MPASI or ASI Companion Food. Give solids gradually.

After the baby phase, the child enters the phase of the child and then the teenager (puberty). In this phase, children need to get balanced nutritious food. Enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Among the various food sources, make sure that children receive protein-rich foods such as eggs. Egg white is a part that is rich in protein.

Milk also needs to be given because it contains essential amino acids that the body needs to form natural proteins in the body. Don’t forget to give lean meat.

With high protein intake, a child’s height can grow significantly.

Don’t forget about calcium and vitamin D intake which is good for bone growth such as milk, spinach, cabbage, fish, mushrooms, broccoli.

In addition to calcium and vitamin D, also consume foods that contain lean protein such as chicken, beef, fish and zinc-containing foods such as crabs, pumpkins, beans.

 2. Enough Rest

The most simple thing you can do is make sure that your child sleeps early at night, at least 10 to 12 hours.

Without adequate rest, the body of teenagers can experience growth disorders. Get used to invite children to sleep early one hour to meet the hours of growth optimally and definitely. 

Remember, during sleep, the body automatically produces growth hormone or HGH. It’s best to sleep early so you can get enough sleep, which is 9 to 10 hours.

Do exercise regularly and regularly. In addition to making the body healthy and fit, regular exercise can also be expected to help increase height. 

75% growth hormone is naturally produced during sleep. So from that deep sleep is highly recommended. The highest amount of growth hormone is released during the period of deep sleep.

4. Pay attention to children in puberty

Why? Because the child’s high potential can also be seen when he enters puberty. In puberty, girls will be experienced in the age range of 8 years 13 years.

Whereas in boys 9-14 years. The sooner the child experiences puberty, the faster the growth will stop.

Child’s height during puberty will determine how big the potential is later. For women, the maximum package of height increase during puberty ranges from 18-24 cm, while for boys it is 20-26 cm. So, even though both parents are short but if our hero (boy) has a height of 145 cm at the beginning of puberty, the high potential at the end of puberty is around 165-171 cm.

Likewise, with our daughter who has a height of 140 cm at the beginning of puberty, the maximum height is around 158-164 cm.

Even so, in girls usually growth will stop 2 years after he experiences menstruation.

If he has menstruation at the age of 10 years, then at the age of 12 years, his growth will stop. Whereas in boys, usually the maximum height growth will be achieved at the end of puberty.

For this reason, pay close attention to this period. Don’t miss it. Because during puberty a child will experience rapid growth (growth spurt) so that his height also increases.

Even so, the end of puberty is also marked by the cessation of the growth period, so parents must make the best use of this period.

“Don’t be surprised if, at the age of 15 years, child growth has stopped.”

Remember, if you are still in puberty, your child is still trying to add height through hormone injections. 

Of course, after the child is measured by the growth curve, whether the height is still within normal limits or not.

Should you use growth hormones or not?

muscle building

It seems clear that the ability of growth hormones to build muscle is definitely not worth the exorbitant price for the average exerciser – at least not when using legitimate pharmacy supplements.

To view growth hormones as an at-least-effective anabolic agent requires combination with testosterone and/or insulin, or an increase in dosage levels that even the most dedicated athletes would not consider cost-effective – if legitimate pharmacy supplements are used.

It should also be noted that the ability of growth hormones to build fat-free body mass includes anything that is not fat or water – including the organs and viscera.

This is certainly not what the typical body-oriented athlete wants. Well, this condition is now considered reversible, but bodybuilders should consider these unwanted side effects.

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