Square Precast Concrete Trash Cans

Our complete line of square precast concrete trash cans and ashtray are shown on the right. Prices and larger pictures are available by clicking the links under each product.

These square concrete garbage cans are all available in a standard grey exposed aggregate finish. The lids on these waste or litter receptacles range from solid precast concrete to heavy duty industrial strength plastic (available in several colors).

All of these commercial garbage cans come with either a metal bag holder or liner to help keep the garbage contained for easy removal.

Lids are secured to these durable trash cans with a strong length of chain.

Some trash cans can be ordered with a stainless steel ashtray mounted on the lid. Ashtrays come with black sand for extinguishing cigarettes in.

Whether you call them litter receptacles, trash cans, garbage cans, waste cans, or waste receptacles, these units all help keep your community parks and streetscapes clean and tidy.

Our complete line of precast concrete trash cans and ashtray with an exposed aggregate finish will provide you with many, many years of service.

Commercial Square Trash Can with Locking Concrete Door

This super heavy duty, steel reinforced trash can has been re-designed and now comes with a fixed concrete lid and a locking door on the side, for easy removal of the galvanized steel liner.

This is one of the most durable commercial street trash receptacles on the market. It is fire proof and is very resistant to human and animal intrusions so it is an excellent choice for areas where this is an issue.

This updated garbage can includes the following:

  • Industrial metal liner.
  • Solid re-enforced locking concrete door.
  • High quality industrial sealer.

Square Commercial Ashtray

Commercial Square Ash Receptacle with Metal Tray

Comes with black sand.

High gloss sealer is available for $25 extra on this product.

12″ x 12″ x 22″H

Weight = 350 lbs

Commercial Square Trash Receptacle with 2 Door Plastic Lid

All trash receptacles come with bag holders.

High gloss sealer is available for $25 extra on this product.

24″ x 24″ x 42″H

Weight = 750 lbs

Lids come in Grey or Brown
(Custom colors are available for orders of 8 or more.)

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