Which Class Memory Card is Best For Mobile (Latest in 2019)

Best Memory card for Mobile

Which Class Memory Card is Best For Mobile? Micro SD is an item that cannot be separated from smartphones, audio players to digital cameras. Unfortunately, quite a number of us have difficulty choosing micro SD with a large variety of products and specifications offered.

Instead of choosing the right product, the majority of us who do not understand the term from micro SD is even confused and end up buying a product that is not in accordance with what is actually needed.

So, this time we will explain the basic knowledge related to micro SD, and how to choose the right product for you. We have gathered several micro elementary schools in the recommendations section, hoping to make it easier for you to find suitable data storage media as needed. The recommendations we provide are outlined by comparing the reading-writing speed and support of each system.

Which Class Memory Card is Best For Mobile
Which Class Memory Card is Best For Mobile

Basics to remember before buying a micro SD

It is less careful if we are blind to the standards when buying an item. Likewise when we will buy a micro SD. Even though it is equipped with information about the specifications on each packaging, the terms in micro SD are generally difficult for us to understand. At least, the following things should be considered and known before buying a micro SD.

First, know the difference in the price of each product

The first thing we need to focus on is price. On the market, there are very many micro SD products in circulation, from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah per one microchip.

This price difference is generally influenced by capacity and speed class (speed of reading –  writing data ). If you already know which capacity and speed class you need, you will be faced with various brands of micro SD with various prices. As an important note, it does not mean that well-known brands or expensive products are worth buying.

Buy products with qualified specifications, but have the most friendly prices. That way, you can cut unnecessary expenses.

Standard on micro SD

Next, we will listen to the explanation of the main standard of micro SD. For those of you who already understand this part, we make sure that you will not be bothered when faced with choosing an existing product!

Difference between micro SD – SDHC – SDXC

Micro SD is divided into 3 types namely SD, SDHC, and SDXC. Capacity becomes the differentiator of the 3 types of micro SD.

Starting from the smallest is the type of micro SD which has a capacity of fewer than 2 GB. Furthermore, there is SDHC which has a capacity range from 4 GB to 32 GB. While the SDXC type is a type of memory card with storage above 64 GB. For how to choose a micro SD capacity like what suits your needs, we will explain later.

Classification of writing – reading micro SD speed

The faster writing and reading speed data of a micro SD, the better the micro SD you have. The micro SD classification based on speed classes is generally divided into two types, namely SD speed class, and UHS speed class.

UHS speed class is the standard for speed of writing-reading data created in 2010. Obviously, UHS is faster in processing data than SD speed class. Unfortunately, not all electronic devices support micro SD with UHS speeds. If this is the case, just choose the SD speed class.

SD speed class is divided into four parts according to the speed they have, namely 2, 4, 6 and 10. Usually, the product is indicated by ‘ Class 10 ′.

While the UHS currently still has only two types namely 1 and 3. Usually, this specification is indicated by the words’ U-1 ′. The larger the class number, the faster the reading of the microSD data.

Estimated maximum data transfer speed

There is one more sign of a micro SD speed class which is commonly called the maximum transfer speed. This sign is a guarantee from the manufacturer that the micro SD they make can work up to a certain speed when processing data. Usually, information about this specification is written in the format __MB / s.

How to choose a micro SD card

From basic knowledge about micro SD cards, let’s see how to choose the micro SD that is right for you. We will give you tips on choosing based on what electronic devices you will use, how much capacity you need and what micro SD endurance you need.

What electronic devices do you want to insert micro SD?

Before the micro SD, the memory card had a larger size. We usually call it the SD Card. These products are commonly used on PCs and digital cameras. However, a memory card appears with a smaller dimension, the micro SD, which is eventually used in smartphones, audio players and other electronic devices.

Choose the type of micro SD that supports to operate on your electronic device. You can check this through a manual or internet book. Do not let you buy the SDXC type, but your electronic device does not support the operation of the memory card with the super large capacity.

What is the micro SD capacity needed by a smartphone?

The next way to choose is to emphasize how much capacity you need. For simplicity, we will explain this roughly through how many images you can store in the gallery, how long the film can be on a memory card,  and how many songs can be loaded in your playlist.

With a micro SD with a capacity of 2 GB you can store 3,200 images, 32 GB = 5,400 images and 64 GB = 10,900 images. For movies, a capacity of 2 GB can be able to load 20 minutes of video, 32 GB = 5 hours video, and 64 GB = 10 hours video. For music, 2GB can store 510 songs, 32GB = 8,200 songs and 64GB = 16,400 songs. (Standard image: 14 million pixels. Film: Full HD format )

In general, micro SD will experience a reduction in storage capacity if we insert it on our electronic devices. This estimated reduction ranges from 100MB to 2GB.

If you take photos often enough, 32 gigabytes would be enough to accommodate your needs. However, for those of you who have a high performance like storing lots of videos or having data with large capacity, 64 GB is the type we recommend. Don’t forget to check the speed class micro SD before buying so you don’t experience any problems with the usage later.

Speed class with a level   high makes you ‘stress-free’

Don’t underestimate speed class on a micro SD. When you record video, it is very vulnerable to the performance of a smartphone, the camera or video recorder is interrupted because writing data on micro SD is too slow. So it is better to choose the speed class with levels in order not to stress you out later.

Speed ​​class actually shows how many MB ( megabytes ) of data can be processed by micro SD. For example Class 2, this memory can process 2MB per second, while Class 4 can process 4MB per second and so on. For UHS Speed ​​Class, U-1 can process 10MB per second and U-3 30MB per second.

There are few notes for those of you who like to take videos. For those of you who want to record video in full HD format, at least micro SD  Class 10 is needed. While the quality of the 4K video, you need micro SD with U-3 speed class.

Check whether you need micro SD waterproof  /  X-Ray resistant

Imagine if your electronic device falls, breaks, or gets wet, then your micro SD is damaged even though there is important data in it. Of course, events like this will make us very dizzy.

As a precautionary measure, it should be noted that it will be the field of microSD use. If the user is later vulnerable to wetness, choose a micro SD with waterproof specifications. For those of you who will often use a micro SD traveling through the airport, it is better to consider the procurement of micro SD with the specification of x-ray resistance. And for those of you who will use this micro SD for outdoor activities, it is wiser to consider the specifications of heat – cold weather resist.

10 Best MicroSD Card Recommendations

We will introduce some of the best micro SDs that we summarize based on price and specifications. To facilitate comparison, we only included a micro SD with a capacity of 32 GB only. Please read.

10. Kingston micro SDHC Class 10

Suitable for those of you who like to take photos/videos

Kingston Class 10 UHS-1 is a micro SD with a reading speed of 45MB / s and a writing speed of 10MB / s. Like micro SD in general, Kingston Class 10 UHS-1 has been made waterproof, shockproof, x-ray proof and temperature proof.

This one product is very suitable to be inserted into your electronic device that likes to take photos and videos. For video recording, this micro SD supports video recording to full HD format.

9. ADATA Premier micro SD UHS-1 Class 10 U1

 Cheap micro SD with attractive performance

ADATA Premier is a micro SD with low prices but has a pretty good performance. This product has the specification of writing speed   UHS 1 (10MB / s). For the matter of reading data, ADATA Premier is able to process data up to 50MB / s. Other specifications owned by this microSD are waterproof, shock-proof, magnet proof, x-ray proof to extreme temperature proof.

In terms of data processing, this micro SD is not as luxurious as the others. However, ADATA Premier is enough to meet the external memory needs of your smartphone. Manufacturers guarantee this micro SD’s durability for life.

8. Sony micro SDHC SR-32UY3 UHS-1

It is suitable for those of you who need data security!

This Micro SD is capable of reading data up to 90MB / s. For the speed of writing data, Sony micro SDHC can reach 10MB / s. If you often take video, the following micro SD  support video record to full HD image quality. In addition, there are other specifications such as waterproof, temperature resistance, and x-ray resistance.

A great choice for those of you who want data security. This Micro SD is good for use as storage when recording video or music storage media for audio player devices.

7. Team micro SDHC Xtreem UHS-I U3 Class 10

Micro SD that supports 4K quality video recording

The Micro SD issued by the following Team manufacturer has a fairly high speed because it is classy UHS-3. This speed rate transfer from micro SD Xtreem is capable of reaching 90MB / s.

A product that is very fitting and smooth for those of you who are fond of video recording, especially Team Xtreem already supports video recording to 3D or 4K formats. Suitable to be inserted in your smartphone, action cam, digital camera or video recorder.

6. Strontium Nitro 466x micro SDHC

Safer data with MyBackup Pro!

With a read speed of 70MB / s  and writing speed of 10MB /s, Strontium Nitro 466x is perfect for plugging in your smartphone. This Micro SDHC has a UHS-1 speed class level.

Especially, Strontium also provides the MyBackup Pro application for you Android users. The application must you download first, later MyBackup Pro will provide space storage on the userStrontium for mem- back up their important data. From this explanation, it is certain that this micro SD is intended for Android device users.

5. SanDisk Extreme micro SDHC

Micro SD that is able to restore deleted data!

SanDisk Extreme is made to meet your needs that often do outdoor activities. This micro SD is suitable for inserting on smartphones,  digital cameras, drones, and action cam. No need to doubt the resilience of this micro SD, because it is equipped with waterproof specifications and temperature resistance.

Highly recommended for those of you who want to record video in 4D format because the data transfer speed reaches 90MB / s!  Interestingly, you can download the RescuePRO software to recover your data that was accidentally deleted during the operation of the electronic device.

4. Transcend micro SDHC Class 10 UHS-I 300x (Premium)

Micro SD with Error Correction Code

Transcend Premium 300x has a transfer rate that can reach 45MB / s. Very smooth when used for recording full HD video format.

What’s interesting about Transcend Premium 300x is the Error Correction Code. This system is able to automatically detect or correct data that has failed to be transferred in this micro SD. Not only suitable for digital cameras, Transcend Premium 300x compatible is inserted on your smartphone and tablet. A micro SD that is suitable for those of you who like to record videos or take photos.

3. SanDisk Ultra micro SD UHS-I

Move 1200 photos in just 1 minute

The advantages of SanDisk Ultra are transfer speeds that reach 100MB / s. With this, you can move 1200 photos with an estimated 1 minute. Very fast right?

Carrying a micro SD with an A1 rating, SanDisk Ultra is also very suitable for you smartphone users who often run various heavy applications. Those of you who are fond of recording video, also do not need to be alarmed because this micro SD supports to take moving images to full HD format.

2. Toshiba Exceria M302

Micro SD valuable slant with  reading speed fast

The reading speed of Toshiba Exceria is capable of reaching 90MB / s. If it is plugged into a smartphone it is certain that you can process data / running heavy applications without slow speed with that reading speed.

Writing speed data from micro SD reaches 10MB / s. The speed of writing data is suitable for those of you who like to take photos. One micro SD that can be an option that should be considered.

1. Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 MB-MC

Micro SD best seller  in foreign countries

Samsung managed to produce goods with high specifications but marketed at a low price. One of them is the Samsung EVO Plus micro SD which managed to steal consumers’ attention and become the best-selling product abroad (based on sales at Amazon.com).

The transfer speed reaches 90MB / s, can be waterproof and can fight extreme temperatures is the mainstay specifications of this product. In addition, Samsung guarantees the micro SD EVO Plus can last up to 10 years. It is suitable for those of you who are looking for good quality microSD at affordable prices.

Tips for storing data: always  back up  regularly

The data, photos, and videos that we have of course need to be stored properly. It’s good to periodically back up data on micro SD to a PC or online storage service such as Google Drive, iCloud and so on. This activity can minimize the risk of data loss as well as full micro SD storage during use.

As a suggestion, it is better to group data, photos, videos, according to the date they were taken. This kind of archiving will make it very easy for us to find the data needed.


The items that we introduce above have a capable ability to use various modern activities like now. Please choose whatever you want by adjusting to your individual needs.

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